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Other Services

No matter what your skin marks are, ink or surgery scars, we will make it look like it was never...

Custom Designs

Tattoos are incredibly personal and stay with you for life, so you want your tattoo design to be special.

Piercing & Jewellery

The largest selection of piercing jewellery and other accessories for any part of your body and face.

Tattoos & Cover-Ups

Exclusive, modern and unique tattoo design by our best artist specifically for you upon a request.

Facial Massage

Try the set of facial and hair procedures to feel perfect. Your comfort is our main goal.


Looking to try something new with your facial hair? Our barbers will nicely trim your beard.


Keep looking your best with our professional stylists. Just stop by for a new look and enjoy.


For premium result, at our barbershop, we combine modern techniques with traditional ones.


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